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Here’s three ways our team can help you take on your next swimming challenge

1 to 1
Personal coaching
for 1 hour
Full Day
Bespoke content and activities designed you
Our world leading experts come to you
Expert Kerianne - Triscape FoundersExpert Kerianne Sq - Triscape Founders

Keri-anne Payne

Double World Champion, Olympic Silver medalist

My passion is teaching people how to swim & creating excitement about open water swimming. I’m available to share the story of my Olympic Journey, teach you in person how to swim or even help you prepare to take on the English Channel!

1 to 1 Coaching
Full day Appearance
Virtual Coaching
from £500
London, Edinburgh, Dubai, San Francisco
Expert David - Triscape FoundersExpert David Sq - Triscape Founders

David Carry

I live for enhancing people’s performance and enabling them to take on their dream challenge in and out the pool. I’m available to share the story of How Olympians Plan their Performance, work with teams and individuals to set their performance plan and also 1 to 1 coaching.

1 to 1 Coaching
Full day Appearance
Virtual Coaching
from £500 per month
London, Edinburgh, Dubai, San Francisco
Expert Masterclass - Triscape FoundersExpert Masterclass Sq - Triscape Founders


Our world leading experts come to you. Whether you're a club, team, group or business we can plan a bespoke experience for you, whatever your ability, whatever your age, wherever you are.

From £1250
Length of Time
3 Hours
Number of People
Up to 30 people
Dr Scott Gardner - Triscape Expert

Dr Scott Gardner

Performance Coach, Performance Scientist
Olympic Gold Medal winning Coach to Victoria Pendleton. Performance Scientist to 8 Olympic Gold Medals

Dr Kate Jordan - Triscape Expert

Dr Kate Jordan

Medic, Sports & Exercise Medicine
Team GB Olympic Team Doctor, International Olympic Committee DipSEM 

Tim Jordan - Triscape Expert

Tim Jordan

Sports Psychology, Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach
Health-Related Psychology and Corporate wellness lifestyle assessor.

Jess Varnish - Triscape Expert

Jess Varnish

Cycling, Performance Nutrition, Personal Training
Olympian, World Record Holder, World Medalist

Emma Deakin - Triscape Expert

Emma Deakin

Triscape Physiotherapist
Team GB Olympic Physio, Head Physiotherapist and Medical Lead for the British Triathlon Team

Colin Hill - Triscape Expert

Colin Hill

Open Water Event Lead
Operations Manager London 2012 Olympic Marathon Swimming

Scott Baptie - Triscape Expert

Scott Baptie

Sports Nutritionist & Body Composition Specialist
Sports nutritionist, personal trainer, anthropometrist, fitness magazine cover model.

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